The RainPath® Approach

RainPath works with owners and executives to grow successful enterprises. We have a deep background in the food industry yet our skills and experience are transcendent and have added immense value to non-food businesses.

We don’t think outside the box because we don’t see the box. We see things differently. RainPath is not a conventional consulting firm, though we provide expert advice to clients. We are not a traditional broker, yet business development is a towering competency of ours.

A CEO of a leading company said this: “RainPath is the smart phone of external resources for the food industry today. It’s a hugely proficient ‘consulterage’ that adds enormous value”. Call or email today to discuss what we can accomplish together.

RainPath: Business and Brand Pioneers®

What We Do

Growth Path

Business Development.
It’s all about growth: new products, new markets and expansion with existing customers.
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Smart Path

Planning & Execution.
A business plan is created that addresses your vision and aspirations. It will include execution elements and ongoing progress assessments to ensure your team stays on the smart path.
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Brand Path

Brand Management and Development.
RainPath has extensive experience, and success, in brand creation and management. We have worked with clients that had a terrific logo but not a powerful brand.
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Team Path

Team Optimization and Development.
A terrific product or service cannot overcome a weak or ineffective team.
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What People Are Saying

The Rain Maker

Bill Finnegan

President & Founder of RainPath®. You may be familiar with his extensive body of work. Bill pioneers successful, thought provoking, and innovative brand and business initiatives that produce results. He is known in the food industry for his integrity, business development skills and his capacity to build enduring relationships. Bill has a genuine passion for his work and it shows.

Bill is a fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor. Outside of work, his passion extends to family, his love of good food, and of course, his ever-humbling golf game.

"Bill Finnegan combines a wide spectrum of business acumen and experience that produces incredible results for those with whom he partners. Some specifics:
Cognitive complexity:
Bill moves expertly and gracefully within the deeply complex world of marketing and selling. He spans the entire discipline with deep knowledge born of experience and sharp mental acuity. He is instinctive about products and channels of distributions and possesses a genius for moving products into the marketplace.
Relational acuity:
Bill is beloved by his clients who trust him implicitly and simply want to do business with him. He is passionate about relationships and knows that trust is coin of the realm in business. His network and relationships are vast and deep. He wants to hear your story; and he has a few of his own. His connective tissue bespeaks a largeness of soul.
Bill knows the cracks and crevices within the marketplace and where the opportunities exist. His market savvy is second to none and he knows how products and services move within a dynamic environment. He is unafraid to start from zero and knows how to accelerate.
Energy and Passion:
There is no problem too difficult to solve; he has extraordinary care for clients and knows how to work. He works from within himself exhibiting a core of resilience and energy that staggers younger executives; he also works from outside of himself with a full understanding of client needs. He is a servant leader; he is a mensch.
Summary: Bill already is what he has dreamed of becoming. The only question is; why aren’t you with him?"

Vic Pergola, Managing Principal, Grolistic, GrowthPointe, Decision Point and Point Vierge Services

There is the saying that “we’re known by the company we keep”, and RainPath is proud to keep company with our affiliated resources that support us and can (or do) support our clients. View our Affiliated Resources.

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